Handmade presents for boys


I love buying handmade presents for my loved ones – which isn’t always easy if you have sons that are not babies or toddlers anymore. My eldest son got an Nintendo 3DS for his birthday in February, and we soon discovered that it would be useful to have a case for it. Ha! Handmade opportunity! On Etsy I found Kickass Cases, a shop that sells awesome DS, PSP and Kindle cases. Seller Ki and his girlfriend live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and started their shop after losing their jobs following the devastating earthquake in February 2011. They did find new jobs eventually but the shop had become so popular that they continued to run it.


My son loves his case and it is sturdy and well made; so when my youngest son got a DS on his birthday last month, I of course bought another Kickass  Case!  (he loves Luigi)


His brother (yes, I have three sons) will get one on his birthday, three weeks from now! Better make sure he doesn’t see this blog before then… 😉

Take care,



2 thoughts on “Handmade presents for boys

  1. whataboutki

    Thanks for the lovely post about our cases. I hope your youngest son has a great birthday and loves his case!

  2. Meg Roberts

    Great post Linda, boys are definitely harder to buy for in general (they seem to have fewer needs than girls) and it is definitely harder to buy handmade for them. Thanks for sharing this info. Have a great day.


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