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Braided t-shirt yarn rug – continued


Remember the rug I was making from braided t-shirt yarn? Well, it grew…


and grew…


… and turned into a bowl again! Very annoying.


I started unpicking, but with a diameter of 84 cm (33 in) that takes a while, and it’s not the nicest job in the world… Feeling the need to do something constructive I decided to try and make a bowl:


This time it was allowed to curl!


And I made a small oval rug – easier to keep flat with those straight sides:


I made it in sea colours (blue/green) for our caravan at the beach, but it looks good on the deck as well:


And finally, another bowl for my desk at work:


This might be the last t-shirt yarn project for a while as I am starting to get over it. Also, my sewing machine doesn’t like it very much…

Take care,

Braided t-shirt yarn rug


Last week I showed you the start of my braided rug, made with t-shirt yarn. After the white and light blue fabric I added a dark blue fabric, all from old shirts of my hubby. Then I started braiding in some orange yarn, from two kids t-shirts. And that’s where thing went wrong…


It turned into a bowl! I was pulling on the yarn too much. Some unpicking was in order…


… and I started again, this time using books around my sewing machine to keep the rug flat and feeding the braid in very carefully.



And it worked! Flat as a pancake!


I had some other issues – after changing to another colour thread, of a different brand, the thread kept breaking and I had lots of loops… Back to the first brand! But the rug grew and grew, and it now has a diameter of 60 cm (23 1/2 in):


My plan is for the rug to be at least a metre wide, so I’m planning to keep going for a while. Of course it is taking longer and longer to go around, and it is getting harder to manage to rug at the sewing machine… so we’ll see how we go. Here is a close up:


I’m loving the process and already planning another one – but that one will be a bowl!

To be continued…

Take care,