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More Craftsy patterns



Since the last update here, quite a few patterns have been added to the Blue Jacaranda pattern store on Craftsy, such as the Kombi Van Sewing Machine Cover and the Rainbow Diamonds Baby Quilt.

Fullscreen capture 8022016 121641 PM.bmp

At his moment there are 11 patterns in store, including two free patterns – the Lilac and Lavender Baby Quilt mentioned in the previous posting, and the Simply Squares Baby Quilt:


More patterns will continue to be added, so stay tuned!

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Blue Jacaranda on Craftsy!

Fullscreen capture 24112015 120703 PM.bmp

I am happy to announce that Blue Jacaranda can now be found on Craftsy! I have so far uploaded two patterns – the Giant Rainbow Floor Cushion shown above (a great favourite with my children!) and the Lilac & Lavender Baby Quilt shown below. The latter is a free pattern so it can be downloaded from Craftsy without having to pay.

Fullscreen capture 23112015 105255 AM.bmp

I will be adding more patterns over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the pattern store (you can use the link in the blog header to go there).

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Pencil rolls galore

2015-10-05 17.24.14

Have you succumbed to the latest fad yet – colouring books for adults? I stumbled upon this book the other day and couldn’t resist it: Fantastic Cities, by Canadian artist Steve McDonald. It’s brilliant! Here you can see some of the drawings in the book.


The pencil roll in the photo is the first one I ever made, back in 2009. I love making pencil rolls and have been on a bit of a roll lately (see what I did there?), making lots of them to add to my Etsy shop. Here are a few of my favourites:

Pencil rolls 010

The New Zealand roll, made with two different quilting fabrics featuring black and white New Zealand prints – kiwi birds and ferns on the outside fabric, a Maori design on the inside fabric.

Pencil rolls 162

The colourful Australian Birds roll

Wellington Point 012

Pencil roll made with Australian Aboriginal fabrics

Marimekko 004-001

The Kombi Van pencil roll

Pencil rolls 176-001

And last  but not least, the upycled pencil roll, made with fabric from a funky shirt found at the op shop:

2014-10-16 14.13.55

There are quite a few more; you can see all of them here in the shop. They make great presents for  friends who love colouring, are fun back to school gifts, and of course little ones love them too (for you could also use them for crayons, brushes, gel pens, textas, Sharpies…)

Have fun colouring!