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More Craftsy patterns



Since the last update here, quite a few patterns have been added to the Blue Jacaranda pattern store on Craftsy, such as the Kombi Van Sewing Machine Cover and the Rainbow Diamonds Baby Quilt.

Fullscreen capture 8022016 121641 PM.bmp

At his moment there are 11 patterns in store, including two free patterns – the Lilac and Lavender Baby Quilt mentioned in the previous posting, and the Simply Squares Baby Quilt:


More patterns will continue to be added, so stay tuned!

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Blue Jacaranda on Craftsy!

Fullscreen capture 24112015 120703 PM.bmp

I am happy to announce that Blue Jacaranda can now be found on Craftsy! I have so far uploaded two patterns – the Giant Rainbow Floor Cushion shown above (a great favourite with my children!) and the Lilac & Lavender Baby Quilt shown below. The latter is a free pattern so it can be downloaded from Craftsy without having to pay.

Fullscreen capture 23112015 105255 AM.bmp

I will be adding more patterns over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the pattern store (you can use the link in the blog header to go there).

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Table topper from felted sweaters


Last week I made this table topper or trivet. I cut the diamond shapes from woolen sweaters that I had felted in the washing machine and stitched them together using a small zig zag. This pattern is known among quilters as ‘baby blocks’ – very effective, isn’t it?


Yesterday I made a smaller version that is now for sale in my Etsy shop. Here is a detail:


The back is made from a piece of felt from another sweater:


It would look great under a vase or a bowl – a perfect house-warming gift. It can also be used as a mouse pad.

I have a lot of felt left, so am going to try and make some more ‘trivets’ (strange word…). There are some more quilt blocks that I think would look very good in felt!

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T-shirt yarn


On Saturday I had a sudden urge to make some t-shirt yarn (as you do). I grabbed some of hubby’s old shirts and looked online for a tutorial, as I didn’t really know how to proceed. There’s lots of tutorials out there, I found this one from Dyani at Little Deer Creations very helpful. Being a quilter, I used a rotary cutter instead of scissors, and I had three balls of yarn before hubby discovered that his t-shirts had gone :-).


I didn’t really have a plan for the yarn, but after some googling I found a gorgeous braided rug on the Sewing For Life blog. Cathy did a Braid-A-Long in 2012 and following her instructions I started the rug in the photo above. Loving the process so far, can’t wait to get on with it! To be continued…

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Laptop cases


A while ago I made a sleeve for the laptop I bought when I got a new job (I blogged about it on my quilt blog here). I had so many comments about it at work that I decided to make another one to add to the shop. I used some colourful Gerbera fabric panels that I bought a few years ago and that were patiently waiting for a project such as this:


The case is lined with a soft green fleece and has an envelope style flap with a velcro strip. You can find it in my Etsy shop here.


This is the one I made for my laptop – sadly I don’t have anymore of this fabric…


I ride my bike to work (as befits a Dutch woman!) and last week we had quite a bit of rain. I don’t mind getting wet so much as I change clothes when I arrive anyway, but I don’t want my laptop to get wet! So today I made an oilcloth case:


I have some more of this oilcloth, and also of the green fleece that I used as a lining in this case too, and initially I thought I might make another case and add it to the shop. However, it was such a nightmare to make (sewing fleece and oilcoth together is not fun!) that I don’t think that is going to happen…

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