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Zippered Pencil Cases


You know about my love affair with burlap – making something out of used Hessian coffee bags. Well, for quite a while I have been thinking of making zippered burlap cases for pencils or other small items. The problem was that I have an irrational fear of zippers – sewing zippers, that is! I finally decided to tackle this fear and lo and behold!

The case below was the very first one I made. It’s not perfect but I really like it, and it now lives in my bag, holding all those small items you carry around… The one above is now for sale in my Etsy shop!


My fear of zippers conquered, I grabbed a white zipper I had somewhere and with some oilcloth scraps I made this pouch. My son loves it so I may give it to him…


Next, I cut a freezer paper stencil to make this case (also for sale):


Of course I could stencil any word (to a maximum of 10 letters) onto a case like this, so I am also offering a Personalized Burlap Pencil Case.

And I might try some zippered pillow covers soon! (although hidden zippers still frighten me…)

Take care,